Jakob Puchinger

Senior Scientist at IRT SystemX, responsible for the scientific axis on scientific computing and optimization.

Professor at the Industrial Engineering ResearcDepartment of CentraleSupélec, heading the Operations Managment Team.

Head of the Anthropolis chair, focussing on human centered mobility.

Co-director of the future cities lab at Centrale Pékin.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Research Topics

Mobility and Urban Futures

The future of cities is strongly related to the evolution of their transport systems. Within the Anthropolis chair we are mainly considereing mobility of people in cities.

We are interested in understanding urban environments on diferent scales, using data analysis, participative approaches, simulation, and optimization.

Our main goal is to develop sustainable human centric solutions leading towards more livable cities.

Chaire Anthropolis

Future Cities Lab

Green Logistics

Urban logistics and especially vehicle routing optimization is an essential part of my researching. I focus on novel optimization problems such as electric vehicle routing or multi-echelon deliveries using robotic vehicles (ground drones). The main objective in treating such problems is to reduce the environmental impact of delivery systems

The interaction with passenger transport and the sharing economy are also fields of interest, and pose very challenging questions in terms of vehicle and acitvity synchronisation.

LEAD (H2020)

Operations Management Research Group

Doctoral Students

Current Students

  • Shaohua Yu, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi'an and Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX, Optimization models and methods for tour planning in smart urban logistics. Co-supervised with Shudong Sun.

  • Yue Su, Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX, Optimization models and methods for solving dial-a-ride problems with electric vehicles. Co-supervised with Nicolas Dupin.

  • Tarek Chouaki, Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX, Stochastic optimization and reinforcement learning for the design by simulation of on-demand mobility systems . Co-supervised with Sebastian Hörl.

Past Students

  • Ouail Al Maghraoui, 29/01/2019, Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX, Designing for urban mobility: Modeling the traveler experience. Co-supervised with Flore Vallet and bernard Yannou. https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02043534

  • Abood Mourad, 14/06/2019, Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX, The synchronization of shared mobility flows in urban environments. Co-supervised with Chengbin Chu. https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02286031

  • Réza Vosooghi, 28/10/2019, Université Paris-Saclay - CentraleSupélec and IRT SystemX, Shared Autonomous Vehicle Service Design, Modeling, and Simulation. Co-supervised with Marija Jankovic.

  • Gerhard Hiermann, 22/11/2019, University of Vienna, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, Solving vehicle routing problems with a hybrid heterogeneous fleet. Co-supervised with Richard Hartl.

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